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Pictaio Aerospace ~Professional Gyroplane Sales and Training~

At Pictaio Aerospace our goal is to deliver professional gyroplane training, promote safe aviation, fulfill the dreams of flight.


At Pictaio Aerospace safety is our top priority. We have full time instructors that will work with you to ensure you receive the knowledge and skills required to not only become proficient, but also a confident safe pilot.

Pictaio is the Certified Training Facility for the FAA gyroplane training program. (We train the FAA)


At Pictaio Aerospace we provide professional gyroplane training for:

  • Student Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Sport Pilot Instructor
  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Federal / State Agencies
  • International 

Additional Services:

FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Gyroplane

  • Sport Pilot
  • Sport Pilot Flight Instructor
  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Instructor

Gyroplane Models (operated or checkrides given):

  • Air & Space 
  • Apollo
    • AG-1
    • AR-1
  • AutoGyro 
    • Cavalon
    • MTO Sport
    • MTO Free
    • Calidus
  • Carter Copter
  • Dominator
  • ELA
  • Little Wing
  • Magni
    • M16
    • M24
  • SportCopter
    • Vortec 912
    • SCII
  • Tercel / Zen
  • Xenon

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